Graphics coursework deadlines / timeline

You should not forget that the preparation of your graphics coursework requires using a definite method of visual presentation of data. And your task is to prove your ability to put your theoretical knowledge of the method on practice.

MSc Computer Game Engineering Newcastle University Graphics Coursework

This article is aimed to discuss a very special piece of an academic assignment, which is called a graphics coursework. Graphics coursework is such a kind of the academic writing, in which a student is expected to demonstrate his or her skills of presenting a high quality visional info. The presentation done by means of Power Point is one of the possible kinds of a graphics coursework.

Graphics coursework deadlines / timeline

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When preparing a graphics coursework, you shouldn’t constrain yourself to written information. For example, you could photocopy old graphic advertising when writing about the media, or print selected web pages to illustrate your main points. This kind of extra materials always adds some value to your work, especially in graphics, even if they are only illustrating information already provided by text.