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The other department, school, or program involved in the student's IIP must, at the very least, offer graduate level coursework and, ideally, should be a graduate degree granting program.

I am requesting permission to take graduate level coursework for the semester or Summer

Graduate Students Enrolled in Undergraduate Courses
Graduate students must be registered for graduate level coursework in order to be eligible for federal student aid with few exceptions. If a graduate student enrolls in undergraduate coursework, that student will not be eligible for federal financial aid during that term and will need to consider alternative methods of paying for the tuition. It is the Graduate student’s responsibility to ensure that their course registration meets this requirement. It is highly recommended that any graduate student, before registering for undergraduate courses, consult with their academic advisor, and the Financial Aid Office to determine the eligibility of the courses for aid.

Special Consideration Waivers Based on Non-Graduate Level Coursework.

Graduate level coursework is typically higher on the scale with more emphasis on synthesis and analysis

Students may request that a maximum of two courses, for up to 8 semester credit hours of graduate level coursework from an accredited institution authorized to grant graduate degrees, be transferred to count toward their graduate program. Courses must be at the graduate level and cannot have been used or be in the process of being used in earning another graduate degree or have been taken while completing a bachelor's degree. A grade of B or better must have been earned. Transfer of credits must be recommended by the program faculty and approved by the dean of the Graduate School. Students taking courses at another university for transfer after enrolling at UNH should obtain approval of their adviser and the graduate dean prior to enrolling in the course.