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Professional Experience Option for the following areas of study: chemical ecology, conservation biology, ecology, entomology, environmental interpretation, environmental physiology, fish and wildlife biology and management, forest pathology and mycology, or plant science and biotechnology: In addition to an internship earning 6-12 credits (EFB 898), this option requires at least 30 credits of graduate coursework, of which 24 must be taken in residence at ESF. At least 36 credits must be earned between internship and coursework. Coursework for this option includes at least two seminars (EFB 797) and a maximum of three credits earned in EFB 798. A written report of the internship is required as well as an oral comprehensive exam and capstone seminar. For students completing the concurrent degree program (M.P.S./M.S.) leading to certification in biology (grades 7-12), 12 credits of student teaching and coursework will be accepted as equivalent to a professional experience.

SOPP’s guidelines for Waiver of Credit for Graduate Coursework are as follows:

Discussion of procedures and equipment used in modern biochemical investigation, with laboratory work to provide experience in techniques of general importance. Two lecture hours and seven laboratory hours a week for one semester. Prerequisite: Graduate standing, six semester hours of undergraduate coursework in biochemistry, and consent of instructor.

Graduate Coursework Verification

Graduate Coursework

A Student who has been accepted to Baylor's CSD Graduate Program, but did not have an undergraduate degree in CSD is considered a Graduate Student with Leveling Status. These students are required to complete 26 hours (two semesters) of undergraduate courses in Baylor's CSD Department, to meet requirements for state licensure and professional certification. After completing the required 26 hours, the student will begin the Standard Graduate Track and will no longer be able to take undergraduate coursework to fulfill graduate course requirements. Please see the page for additional information.