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When writing any type of academic paper, one must always remember to document the references that are used. For a GCSE science coursework, using the CSE citation style is recommended. The CSE style is developed by the Council of Science Editors for the purpose of documenting academic papers and researches in the medical field. Aside from general science, you can also use the CSE style for your academic paper on chemistry, engineering, environmental sciences, biology, physics, astronomy, computer science, geology, nursing, etc. If you searched for professional custom writing company to complete you assignment, is your best choice.

IGCSE and GCSE Geography Coursework (Paper 4)

Most of the GCSE Coursework will be standard written assignments but some subjects such as Geography, science and art will have practical project component. The reports will need to be furnished on these projects, outlining the project objectives, the observations, the procedures used in implementing the projects, experiments or field work and the final outcomes. There is also the option to follow design and technology or computer studies which are among the specialized subjects. In these subjects practical development and design of objects, development of computer programs etc. are common forms of coursework. Some other coursework such as Math will involve solving problems with mathematical. While these are basic information on the coursework requirements, students will be provided with clear coursework guidelines with marking criteria which should be used to guide the development of a successful coursework.

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GCSE physics coursework guidance

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