Procedure for submission of dissertation

University guidelines provide you format that you must follow while writing the proposal of dissertation. A proper format of dissertation proposal comprises of following sections:

“publication-ready” format of dissertation.

Being at the stage of one must understand the expectations an academic institution has from its students. With respect to dissertations, these not only include the level of authenticity, quality of dissertation research or the use of appropriate terminology but also the proper formatting of your dissertation in accordance to your institution’s guidelines.

Format of Dissertation Manuscript

Format of Dissertation Proposal

The PhD dissertation should be submitted before the last day of your fourth year of study. The earliest date you can submit is the first day of your ninth term. The Department has strict limits on the length of your dissertation and the number of figures: 65,000 words, including appendices, bibliography, footnotes, tables and equations, and 150 figures. Further information on the style and format of dissertation can be found on the pages.

You are really going to have to approach your learning institution to find out the format of dissertation that they prefer. However, in most cases the learning institution of your choice is going to tell you in explicit detail how to structure and format your dissertation. Even general rules of thumb do not apply to all subjects. For example, the use of pictures within a dissertation is frowned upon in some disciplines, and yet is lauded over in other educational disciplines. Some dissertations will require a conclusion at the bottom, with MLA referencing underneath, all written in “Times New Roman” size 12, yet others will demand “Arial” size twelve with each dissertation chapter having its own mini conclusion. In the case of an argumentative paper, the conclusion is in the beginning of the dissertation. It goes right where the thesis would normally go.All the research students need to follow the proper format of dissertation writing, absence of which can spoil all their endeavors. To follow the format, you need to figure out many elements in terms of organization and presentation.