Dissertation Coaching Tips - Finish Your Dissertation

The first thing I tell my coaching clients: You do not have to finish your PhD. No one is making you. The world won't implode if you don't finish your dissertation.

The #1 Strategy To Help You Finish Your Dissertation

People will understand when you tell them. They know it’s your job to finish your dissertation! But there’s no way for them to know your schedule. So when something comes up at 10am, just decline with a friendly note that you have a dissertation session that day and time. It is your right to do this. It is your job to finish your dissertation. Stick up for yourself! Protect your time. No one else will do this for you.

Finish Your Dissertation Once and for All

Would a coach help you in finishing your dissertation? If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, then I can help you.

When you finish your dissertation and submit it to the Graduate Studies Office, you can also have it archived and distributed by ProQuest. You give ProQuest the “non-exclusive worldwide right to reproduce, distribute, display, and transmit the Work”. You can also give the Dartmouth College Library rights to make a digital open access version of the dissertation.

Are you having difficulty finishing your dissertation? Are you feeling stuck after trying various approaches, or panicky about the entire enterprise? If so, it is unlikely that your cognitive abilities are to blame. More likely, the culprits are anxiety, self-doubt, procrastination, perfectionism, and the thoughts, feelings, and behavior that accompany these difficulties. This book was written to help you overcome these problems and finish your dissertation once and for all.Have you ever heard the expression "getting started is the first step to getting finished." even with your dissertation this is very true. As soon as you begin the process, the faster you will get things done! It may take months to finish your dissertation but if you work on a little bit at a time, routinely, every single day, little by little you'll find yourself getting closure to completion.