Make good progress toward finishing dissertation.

Make good progress toward finishing dissertation.

Minimize time spent on teaching and committees. All your time at work should be spent working on your dissertation. Even if college teaching is your main goal, you still need to finish the dissertation, which means limiting paper grading, office hours, and the like.

Learn that the only good dissertation is a complete dissertation. No matter how bad you feel, keep working and just get it done!

Like any other activity, writing your dissertation requires dedication. So create an environment that will help you complete your work

Fabio Rojas offers advice on how to finish a dissertation and maintain your sanity.

I actually started to write my dissertation in January. So therefore I had around 4 months to finish my dissertation and I think I did well as I had done a lot of reading in advance in order to kickstart my dissertation. Saving useful articles on your computer was one of the best ideas I could advise you. The actual reading I have done is by reading various publications available online.

Finish dissertation, and apply for jobs.

Complete practicum, and make good progress toward finishing dissertation.

I know that this question has a huge amount of factors, but how long did it take you to finish your dissertation? Please provide specifics, if you can, like how long it was and what the process was to get it officially complete.