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Personal Finance Class Coursework Information

3 hours.Introduces students to the quantitative methods needed for advanced finance coursework: point/interval estimation, hypothesis testing, regression, cross-section analysis, time series analysis, portfolio modeling, advanced topics. : IDS 270. Recommended background: Fin 300; or Fin 301 & Fin 302.

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Financial Planning Coursework and Self-Study Materials (4th Edition

Prospective finance students are encouraged to enroll in FIN 3320 during the second semester of their sophomore year as opposed to the first semester of their junior year. This allows finance majors to spread their core finance coursework over two years. This structure enables finance students to legitimately apply for finance internships in both their sophomore and junior summers. Such opportunities will make them more competitive in the job market. Within this structure, ACCT 2300 and ECO 2302 remain as prerequisites for FIN 3320. However, ACCT 2301 and MATH 2345 will be corequisites for enrollment in FIN 3320 for students who have declared their intention of majoring in finance.