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Start with your most recent education - degree or postgraduate qualification. Remember that the amount of space given to any section may be seen as a reflection of the importance you attach to that information, so make sure you are not saying more about your school education than about your university education.Include dates, names of universities/colleges/secondary schools attended, courses/ subjects studied, results.There is no need to list every subject you have studied. You may choose to concentrate on final year subjects and/or highlight subjects which you feel are particularly relevant to the job area you are applying to (you could put 'Key Subjects' or 'Main Subjects included'). Do remember that courses with the same name can widely vary in content at different universities so you need to give an indication of what you have studied. For many employers individual marks are not necessary and while many people choose to put their class, or expected class, of degree (for Honours), this is not compulsory. Note however that some employers wish to see the marks or grades of key subjects. If in doubt, include them, particularly for the previous year of study.Include brief information about projects (group and individual), presentations, final year dissertation, year(s) abroad, Erasmus etc. Note that information you include about your final year dissertation/project can be expressed in different ways - if the subject area is relevant to the post, then describe the content (perhaps giving the title and a brief synopsis). However, if the actual subject area isn't relevant, you might want to say what the dissertation/project involved in terms of method and approach (e.g. analysis of wide range of sources and production of 10,000 word report etc.) You may wish to indicate particular skills which you feel have been developed through these - remember to include any technical or practical skills learned e.g. software, lab techniques, field work.Include CSYS/Advanced Highers and Highers/A Levels - grades are commonly included, but are not compulsory.
It is not necessary to list all your Standard Grades/GCSEs - they can either be omitted or covered in a simple '7 Standard Grades'.Involvement in ventures such as Young Enterprise or Peer Group Support may be included here or in a later section of the CV.N.B. Mature students/graduates may choose to omit school education, but education which took place immediately prior to entry to university (e.g. access courses) should be included.

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Your final year dissertation (sometimes called a 'thesis' or 'final year research project') is often seen as the culmination of your university career and is your chance to demonstrate the extent of your knowledge and skills. Many students find the thought of writing a dissertation intimidating but in reality if you plan your writing it shouldn't be daunting and some students even find it enjoyable! If you break down your dissertation, you’ll find that it will contain roughly the same sections as a .

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