This is a short film I've made for my AS Film Studies coursework

The idea for the campaign began in the summer when Mabel and Kain made an impressive documentary film about the horrors of FGM for their A level Film Studies coursework. They were inspired and supported in this by their tutor Terri.

A short film I made for film studies coursework, please excuse its amateur-ness.

I am overwhelmed with how amazing and how perfectly my Film Studies coursework was written, and i will definitely be coming back in the future. Thank you so much!

AS Film Studies Coursework - YouTube

Film Studies Coursework Film Studies coursework – insight is the key

Smita Mustafi: I did my Masters in Film Studies. I take much interest in writing and photography. I have been into fieldwork, thanks to my Film Studies coursework. I find fieldwork much engaging and interesting. Apart from the very basics, I do not have much knowledge in editing. But I am eager to learn.

This is a short film I've made for my AS Film Studies coursework. Enjoy!
Title: The Nightmare of an Anxious Housewife
Directed, filmed, written and edited by film student Ana-Maria Ghetu.
(2012)Doctoral degrees in film studies emphasize a specific element related to film studies. Doctor of Philosophy in Film Studies degree programs are offered at a number of universities and emphasize core coursework, seminars, research and the development of a final research project or thesis. Students develop analytical skills and conduct research in order to bring new insight or information into the field. Some programs require students to have obtained a master's degree in film studies. Others may require prior film studies coursework or demonstrable related experience (such as working as a film archivist) to enroll. Many programs require applicants to pass a qualifying exam, which measures students' ability and promise as scholars. Ph.D. programs in film studies require a minimum of 18 hours of core coursework, as well as a number of elective courses, research and dissertation development. Common courses include: