In the event of a student failing a course unit with a mark less than 30, and then obtaining a compensatable fail in the resit where there is compensation available, the student would receive the credit and pass the year overall. The student's mark would be capped at 30R.


At postgraduate level it is felt we should increase standards and require students to only be compensated up to 30 credits for PG Diploma/Masters or 15c for PG certificate.

Compensation for postgraduates applies to marks between 40 and 49 for Masters programmes and between 30 and 39 for PGDip/ PGCert programmes (see tables B and C in this guide)

Note that postgraduate dissertations are normally not compensatable because of their high credit weighting, but a failed dissertation can be resubmitted (see paragraph F23 and F24 of the PGT Degree Regulations).

how did the students in your department fail their dissertation? was the dissertation actually bad?

i mean no one actually gets a 50% right? since most people work a lot more on their dissertation, they get higher trades. on this forum the only grades ive seen people talk about are good ones like merit and dissertation. and 50% is rare because no one actually does what i do right? so they can spare a 50% for me? lol People in my department doing a masters have failed courseworks and apparently a number fail the dissertation every year. Looking at the mark criteria for mine someone who doesn't have much arguement, use sources properly or put in much analysis won't pass.

Help with previously failed dissertations

In general, the most likely reasons for a failed dissertation proposal will be:

Willie's death and the circumstances in which it occurs force Jack to rethink his desperate belief that no individual can ever be responsible for the consequences of any action within the chaos and tumult of history and time. Jack marries Anne Stanton and begins working on a book about Cass Mastern, the man whose papers he had once tried to use as the source for his failed dissertation in American History.