Example Lab Report - Download as DOC

Any deviations from the given procedure (lab manual or handout)must be noted in the Discussion section. Non-formal reportsshould include items 2, 3, 4, 7 and 10. You can place thenormal cover page info at the top of the first page. Althoughnon-formal do not have to be word processed/typed, handwrittenreports are not encouraged. Again, unless otherwise specified,all exercises are to use the non-formal format. You can seean example lab report .

Physio 12 Example Lab Report Presented here is an example of a laboratory write-up (lab report)

The bottom right image above shows the last portion of an example lab report format. Here, students are requested to explain their data anddiscuss the results including graphs and error analysis. They also mustdefend their conclusions.

Example lab report format Measurement and Measurement Error by

Example Lab Report Format