environmental accounting dissertation topics

• Instead of that, you can select lives of creatures, other than the humans. You can base your on dangerous effects of agricultural chemicals to amphibians (toads, tadpoles, frogs). Apparently, the herbicides are used for farming, and they harm the environment of these tiny creatures. In a same manner, your topic can also explore the lives of our pets like dogs, cats, and cows. Similarly, any environment dissertation topic that contribute to the survival of those creatures which are on the verge of extinction are good. Interestingly, as we know, once upon a time, there were dinosaurs living on this earth.

environmental accounting dissertation topics

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To cover this topic in your environment dissertation means to investigate data on the burden of disease that the World Health Organization presents. This environmental health dissertation topic also implies discussing whether some diseases are possible to prevent through healthier environment. So, if statistics is not your weak point, do not hesitate to choose this topic for your environment dissertation.