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The Business Edition of Office 2008 includes Entourage 2008 SP 2. It also includes the installer for Entourage Web Services Edition in the Extras DVD as an optional install for those customers who are on the latest version of Exchange.

Jason Kuo reports that Entourage Web Services Edition (WSE) can't see private events:

The Business Edition will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Entourage Web Services Edition; Document Connection for Mac, a tool also introduced in January that's designed to improve access to and browsing of documents on SharePoint and Technologies and on Office Live Workspace; new business-oriented clip art and templates; and a seven-hour online training series.

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Before you upgrade to Entourage Web Services Edition, you must have Entourage 2008 installed. If your hosting plan includes Entourage and Outlook, you can download Entourage from HostPilot > Get Started Here! > Step 2 (Download & Set Up Your Email Client) > Download Entourage (MAC). Microsoft Entourage is also available for your end-users to download from My Services, on the Welcome page (it will not be available if disabled by the administrator in Mailbox Properties, or if your plan does not include it).

We have an issue where we use the built-in conference room scheduling in Exchange 2007. We just started migrating some users over to the Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition. When a non-domain admin opens another users' calendar (in this case a room resource), some of the booked meetings are not displayed. However, we come to find that in the planner you can see that they are booked. If you login with this user on a PC and Outlook 2003 or 2007, you can see the meetings in the room resource calendar fine. I also have no issue seeing these missing appointments logged in as myself (a Domain Admin) with the new Entourage Web Services Edition. We are running at the latest service pack and patch level on Exchange 2007. Is this a bug, a permissions issue, or what? These meetings also show up correctly on an Entourage 2008 user that is not running the Web Services Edition.Thomas Kristoffersen upgraded Exchange Server and Entourage Web Services Edition on his Macs, and now sees problems forwarding messages, as well as with email sent to Apple iOS devices: