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Electrical Engineering Lab Reports

mail took 15 minutes! The great computer age is here!BACK TO SCHOOL.... In 1965 I was going to San Jose State studying GeneralEngineering. I worked full time (till the last semester) as a mechanicaltechnician at the (where we WON the Cold War). The lab, in those days,had a couple of IBM 7094's, The Stretch, and an IBM 1401. Each night atmid-night, they turned off the . Its price tag was about $1,000,000 and it had 5 big floor mounted tapedrives and could only read tape or punched cards. The output was punched cardsor an impact line-printer with a rotating metal belt and hammers that hit thecorrect letter as it went by. The memory was 4k of 64 bit words and it had aFORTRAN compiler on tape. To start the computer, one had to hand program thefirst few instructions to start reading the system tape. There was no EPROM orBIOS in those days. They allowed me to use the IBM 1401 from midnight until6:00AM for about 6 months and I did all my engineering lab reports and much ofmy homework in FORTRAN. I lived with that machine for 6 months, in 1965. Ireceived a BS in General Engineering in 1967.

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If you compare a mechanical engineering lab report, for example, with a electrical engineering lab report, you will see some components they have in common. If you memorize them and build your writing upon them, it will make the process easier:

Ugh, another lab report... In addition to your already heavy engineering course load, your professor has just announced that you will have required lab reports. While pursuing an engineering degree, many of your lecture classes will also have lab sections attached to them. Whether you are pursuing a degree in mechanical, chemical, electronic, or some other form of engineering, lab experiences serve to give you formal hands-on experience with common equipment used within your discipline. These formally acknowledged hands-on experiences instill confidence in engineering employers that job candidates will be able to perform applied tasks on the job rather than simply theoretically. In this article we will go through some of the components that go into writing a thorough school engineering lab report and give you suggestions for making it as painless as possible.You can as well try and get inspired by an engineering lab report, but don't let the sample content distract you from the topic you have to work with: