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What I was saying, before, is that the best part of research is seeing it all come together. So writing the report, and drawing the conclusions, and finding out what I could from the information I got. . . myself and Anna sitting there with Rafailovich night after night. . . was a big learning experience. Every week we would sit down and look at the information we had and do it again. We finished it a couple of weeks before the conference. . . . In our first semester junior lab, you learn how to write a scientific paper, how to write an engineering lab report. In practice, I learned how there’s a lot of information you leave out of scientific papers, there’s a lot of sweat and tears that doesn’t go into it. When you start something, you’re not always going to finish how you wanted, or how you thought you would . . . you might not actually get out of it what you were trying to get. You see the project take itself in a different direction. It was definitely interesting, putting it all together. It was fun. I had a good time.

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Isselhardt, C., Osuch, L., Wilde, P., and Yancey, T., 1969, Recent sediments of Bolinas Bay California, Part B: Mineralogical Data: Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory Report HEL 2-22, University of California, Berkeley, 155 p. (, data set ).