9) Will doing a dissertation take up a lot of time?

So you’re doing a dissertation that’s really exciting! But hang on, that is also really scary! At the start there looks to be a lot to do. How will you organise the biggest thing you have ever attempted?

10) Will doing a dissertation interfere with my other courses?

On many campuses there is a campus-wide group or office that helps students with the process of conducting the project and writing the dissertation. They often have either individual advisors and/or support groups and small classes to help people get over various bumps along the way. They don't need to know much about your subject matter in order to help you with the Students often find a lot of help and support from these offerings, and your own department doesn't even have to know you are involved with these support services--though usually faculty praise you for getting this help. These support services help you negotiate with your advisor and doctoral committee, and often have useful insights as outsiders about what you are contending with inside your own department. These services help you sort out where the problems lie in doing a dissertation, and help you formulate solutions that lead to success.

25) What particular skills will I learn from doing a dissertation?

11) My grades are not very good but I am really interested in doinga dissertation.

This is a big one. Being able to manage your time while doing a dissertation is important because if you do not, then you will be waiting last minute until your committee meeting in order to get the research and writing done. Do not procrastinate; start as early as possible when it comes to a dissertation. A lot goes into it, and you do not want to feel like you are throwing away all of your efforts.