Doctorate By Coursework Australia

Students: PG EFTSU
(Students - Postgraduate - EFTSU)
Postgraduate Students are split into two categories, Postgraduate Research (made up of Higher Doctorate, Doctorate by Research and Master's by Research) and Postgraduate Other (made up of Doctorate by Coursework and Master's by Coursework).

All research programs including Doctorate by Research, Doctorate by Coursework, Masters by Research

Some universities have made the thesis in the psychology Doctorate by coursework degree worth more than 66% of the course, so that the degree is considered a research degree. Where this is the case, the course may have HECS places, HECS-exemptions, and the possibility for scholarships. In doctorates where the research component is less than 66%, the funding for the course is much like the Masters by coursework: likely to be fee-paying, without scholarships, although there may be some HECS places.

doctorate by coursework australia

Study Level, Doctorate by Coursework (Graduate)

CODE 01 Postgraduate Degree Level

Includes Higher Doctorate, Doctorate by Research, Doctorate by Coursework, Professional Specialist Qualification at Doctoral Degree Level, Statement of Attainment at Doctoral Degree Level, Bridging and Enabling Course at Doctoral Degree Level, Master Degree by Research , Master Degree by Coursework , Professional Specialist Qualification at Master Degree Level , Statement of Attainment at Master Degree Level , Bridging and Enabling Course at Master Degree Level.