Young-earth creationist Kent E. Hovind's doctoral dissertation.

Each year the highest rated Doctoral Dissertation Grant proposal is awarded in the name of the late . Dr. Campbell, a Past President of TESOL, was one of the founding fathers of the Foundation.

Creator of advanced data processing architecture wins 2014 doctoral dissertation award

The INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS) is pleased to announce the ISMS Doctoral Dissertation Competition. This dissertation proposal competition will be held annually and will recognize the best doctoral dissertation proposals on important marketing issues and subjects! Through this , we seek proposals relevant to marketing science, theory, and practice.


The Doctoral Dissertation Award winner is presented at CSCMP’s Annual Conference.

won the 2014 Doctoral Dissertation Award for his innovative solution to tackling the surge in data processing workloads, and accommodating the speed and sophistication of complex multi-stage applications and more interactive ad-hoc queries. His work proposed a new architecture for cluster computing systems, achieving best-in-class performance in a variety of workloads while providing a simple programming model that lets users easily and efficiently combine them.