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Following successful completion of the BME Qualifying Examination, the next step in a doctoral student’s progress is their Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Defense. This proposal defense must be competed within 15 months following the Qualifying Examination. The candidate’s defense will be made to their Doctoral Dissertation Committee, which must be approved by the Graduate Program Director and then approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. The committee must meet the guidelines/policy established by the Graduate School for a dissertation committee. The committee must consist of 3 or more faculty who are members of the Program in Biomedical Engineering (PIBE) and at least 1 faculty who is not a member of the PIBE. The Chair of the committee cannot be the student’s principal advisor/mentor.

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In general, the written dissertation should be developed in close consultation with the student’s primary advisor. During the student’s dissertation research, the student should schedule periodic meetings with all the committee members who can reasonable attend said meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure that the committee is in agreement with the general flow of the research and that the student is following the previously agreed upon research plan (which was presented and approved at the Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Defense). At the conclusion of the dissertation research, the written dissertation should be presented to the entire dissertation committee at least two weeks before the scheduled dissertation defense.