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The BME Doctoral Dissertation Defense represents the culmination of a doctoral student’s studies and research. The dissertation is a written document that must follow the Graduate School guidelines, which are described on the Graduate School website (which change periodically). It is the responsibility of the graduate student to be sure to follow all Graduate School and Department policies regarding fulfilling the requirements of the doctoral dissertation defense. In particular, the student should be sure and check the Graduate School website to verify that the various deadlines are met to ensure that they can graduate in a given semester.

Here are a few things to remember before your doctoral dissertation defense:

A document called the Report for Master's Thesis/Practicum Defense form or the Report for Doctoral Dissertation Defense form (commonly known as the Pass/Fail form) will be emailed to your entire committee and your graduate support staff once the defense has been officially scheduled. This form must be taken to your defense, and your committee will sign and indicate revisions as needed at the time of defense.

Upcoming Doctoral Dissertation Defense


At least two weeks prior to the dissertation defense, the student must submit to the BME Graduate Program Director (GPD) an Abstract, using the Graduate School approved form (Doctoral Dissertation Defense), which is then submitted to the Graduate School by the GPD (assuming it is approved by the GPD). The Graduate School publishes this completed form in its list of scheduled dissertation defenses.