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A student who has a master's degree and wants to pursue the Accelerated MLIS/PhD option after beginning doctoral coursework can petition to pursue the accelerated option.

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Program Highlights: Teachers already participating in the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program can receive tuition remission. Typically, the investment return for a student is realized after two promotions. Students do most of their studies off-campus, required only to be at SLU four times during their coursework. Doctoral coursework is taught on Saturdays. |

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April 1st – Applicants who submit all application materials by April 1 will be considered for admission Summer semester (May) and will begin core doctoral coursework in May with the next cohort. Interviews will be held on a rolling schedule January through the second week of April.

The Clinical Psychology PhD from the University of Utah prepares students for cross-area specialization in research areas like developmental psychopathology and sexuality, as well as health and the biological bases of behavior. The Department stands out for its commitment to collaborative research, with faculty and graduate students working with colleagues in a variety of disciplines, including Medicine and Computer Science. In order to fulfill the Psychology Master’s program requirements —a prerequisite for starting the PhD program— students must complete 30 to 36 semester hours by the end of their third year, including Core courses, Area seminars, and Statistics and Methodology classes. Students complete a teaching practicum during the first year, and are expected to complete the required Departmental Core courses in Biological, Cognitive-Affective, and Social Bases of Behavior, and Individual Behavior. After presenting a colloquium on their Master’s thesis, students receive either the M.S. or the M.A. in Clinical Psychology before moving on to their doctoral coursework. In addition to coursework, students must pass the qualifying exam, research, write, and present their dissertation, and fulfill the teaching requirements for the PhD.To my mind, the main pro of doctoral coursework is that it ensures graduates have a solid general grounding in the field at some depth, and cannot only hyper-specialize. Complementarily, the main con is that coursework interferes with research by taking time that would otherwise be devoted to it, thereby stretching out the time expected in a program.