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Still no evidence that the original positive found on an Alberta farm was a sheep that originated on my farm. CFIA’s DNA lab report (which I have not seen despite requests) has only proven that two offspring born on the Alberta farm were out of a sheep there. But for the sake of (no) argument, let’s say it was indeed the same sheep that originated on my farm. Experts agree that that sheep 24S could have contracted the disease after it left my farm, which has a history of no scrapie nor symptoms for the entire 12 years since my flocks existence.

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The analyst who conducted the actual tests on the evidence no longer worked for the lab and had moved out of state. Williams prepared the original certified DNA lab report and analysis using the results, notes, and pictures provided by the analyst who performed the test. The technical leader signed the original report, as required at the time. Williams signed both the original certified copy and the additional certified copy that was admitted into evidence at trial.

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His name came up during the Hartig murder investigation, but defense attorneys say the prosecutors never showed them the police report. In it, a teen (Chelsey) said Wilson admitted he killed the Hartigs. Defense attorneys say they never got a DNA lab report that suggested Wilson could have dropped the cigarette in the Hartigs' driveway. DNA tests on the butt ruled out Noling but not Wilson.