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The basic content of a dissertation presented for defense must be published as a monograph or as articles in scientific or specialized journals, collections, scholarly reports or the transactions of higher educational and scientific research institutions, or in other fee-paying publications. (This rule also applies to works that are coauthored.) Works and projects other than a dissertation may be presented for defense. Among them are published works, inventions and discoveries registered with the Committee for Inventions and Discoveries of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, and completed projects done by individuals or groups on creating of new machines, management systems, instruments, structures, and technological processes. Textbooks written by an individual with no coauthor may also be presented for defense. An abstract reflecting the basic content and conclusions of a dissertation is published prior to the defense.

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In this work-in-progress paper we present the first step on the first attempt to design intrinsically reconfigurable software for single-processor instruments of scientific satellites. After disserting on the specifications particular of the space field for the reconfiguration, we argue that the most suitable reconfigurability level is overloading tasks and functions of the application. Dynamic to semi-dynamic reconfiguration will fulfill most of the common needs. We state that the reconfiguration of real-time embedded software for space-borne systems relies on an intrinsically reconfigurable software design and well-defined ground segment operations. A promising technique seems to be to design the reconfigurable parts of the software as a set of proxy-accessible objects. We present the first step in designing such software for the French astrophysical satellite Corot

There are 10 letters in disserting: D E G I I N R S S T

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Individuals with a higher education who have completed postgraduate programs or passed candidate’s examinations in the established manner are permitted to defend candidate’s dissertations. The candidate’s dissertation must contain new scholarly and practical conclusions and recommendations and must display the competitor’s capability for independent scholarly or scientific research and his thorough theoretical knowledge in the given discipline. The doctoral dissertation is an independent research work containing general theoretical conclusions and the solution of a major scientific or scholarly problem, and it represents a significant contribution to scholarship or science and practice.