Intended for dissertators at the proposal stage.

Dissertators are not eligible for overloads in the fall or spring terms. However, in the summer, a dissertator who is enrolled in the general 8-week session for 3 credits may request an overload for 1-2 additional credits in a short session and still retain dissertator status, if the course is related to dissertation research or professional training that is not offered in regular semesters. Dissertators must ask their advisor to request permission for such an overload from the Graduate School.

The Greek sought after wisdom; he wanted a man who would perorate and argue and dissertate.

Nothing. Except for the occasional edification. And clarification. And elucidation. Not to mention all the incidental detenebrations about alembicated over-subtilizations. (Rips sleeve off shirt. Tourniquet staunches learned but labored logorrhea. Spits. Appears overly pleased by own inscrutability. Arm of Angry God stretches from offstage left. Fingers roll into Infallible Fist. Angry God shakes Infallible Fist. Scott laughs heartedly, dies ironically.) My highly rational point is that the only value all people who are not Scott Eric Kaufman have for all people who are Scott Eric Kaufman resides in the catalytic potential of their thought and the possibility that it will assist all people who are Scott Eric Kaufman in finishing his damnably unfinishable dissertation.

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A: The enrollment system does not "care" if a student is a dissertator. If a student had problems getting into a course, it is probably because the course is a conference course and s/he forgot to obtain instructor's permission. All individualized study courses, like research and thesis, require instructor's permission and online authorization before enrollment is possible. If students have trouble with enrollment, they should contact the Registrar's helpline, 262-0920.

A dissertator is a student who has completed all requirements for a Ph.D. degree except for the dissertation. All requirements must be met before the first day of classes to be a dissertator for any given semester. Dissertator fee status will be discontinued if an individual is pursuing another graduate degree and regular fees will be assessed. After you have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. degree, except for the Dissertation, you are classified by the Graduate School as a dissertator. To be eligible for dissertator status, the Graduate School requires that you: