And accordingly they stand beyond the range of this dissertation.

To access full-text dissertations and theses done at Clemson University, you can search the database (Dec. 2006-present) and the database (1996-present).

There's a dissertation topic lurking in this question for some aspiring economist.

: Dissertations and Theses is a database that contains dissertation citations back to1861, abstracts back to 1980, and the full text of many dissertations from 1997 (and sometimesearlier) to present. Masters theses have been selectively indexed since 1962. Almost alldissertations written at Illinois from 1997 forward are available as a free full-text download inPDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. Here is an example of a subject search for education dissertationswritten at Illinois between 2000 and 2004:

Will you have a dissertation supervisor?

I think my dissertation and Sears's book have two different definitions of attachment.

Listed below are the the best of this year’s undergraduate history dissertations, with links to the dissertations themselves where these are available. Please note that these dissertations are published in the state they were submitted for examination. Thus the authors have not been able to correct errors and/or departures from departmental guidelines for the presentation of dissertations (eg in the formatting of footnotes and bibliographies). In each case, copyright resides with the author and all rights are reserved.

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