How to find dissertations online

Finding UR Dissertations online:

This digital world we live in isn’t going anywhere. We pay bills online, we shop online, we make phone calls online, we date online, and now we’re streaming movies and going to school online. So why wouldn’t I post my dissertation online?

Whatever its reasons, I plan to publish my dissertation online and here’s why:

For a student conducting research for the dissertation online, dissertation abstracts can be searched and viewed through , a division of the UMI Dissertation Service. Abstracts are short summaries which will assist students in finding dissertations online that they may wish to review. Students can also locate dissertations online through UMI's Proquest Dissertations and Theses Database. Other kinds of research can also be done for the dissertation online, such as Searching Academic Journals for research papers that may be relevant for the student's literature review.

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If the dissertation you need is not available in , you will need to borrow it from another library. Usually, dissertations are available only at the institution that granted the author's degree. Sometimes the author submits multiple copies of the dissertation, and the library will have a circulating copy it can lend. Some institutions also post dissertations freely online. There are many pitfalls which may come your way if you have decided to buy a dissertation online. First of all, you need to make sure that the online dissertation writing service you use is reliable and tried and tested. Remember that many companies provide plagiarized or low quality samples which would not be of any use to you.