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Go all out and try to search a free dissertation example in different search engines. You will find a lot of sample dissertations, but you must filter out the best as the search engine results usually produce a range of quality and substandard dissertation samples.

Although nothing is free in this world of corporate culture, fortunately, many of the online websites provide free dissertation examples and you find lots of examples of dissertations online. There are also a lot of PDF format dissertation examples which you can download easily in your computer. However, the main problem of these free dissertation samples is that you cannot use the work as your own research. A dissertation example is also one that offers a scholar a chance to have a look at other works done previously, their structure, the style of writing, presentation of ideas and findings which can be valuable in writing their own dissertation example. A dissertation example can be found through many sources, older records in college, from mentors, from books, from online sources and others. Many students in the current scenario prefer to look online for a dissertation example, and while many dissertation examples are available online, it is not advisable to copy or lift material from these sources as it is plagiarism - a serious offence that affects the credibility of the researcher and reduces his work and efforts to a bad dissertation example.