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Who Are We?
The Dissertation Tutors are a collection of Ph.D. graduates from around the U.S.A. who specialize in helping current students working on starting and completing their dissertation or thesis. If you’re looking for dissertation help, then you’re in the right place. All the tutors here fully understand the challenges and difficulties with writing a dissertation. We also all understand the value and rewards that come with both writing a dissertation and completing the process. Writing a dissertation has never been easy and never will be easy, but our job is the make it as easy as possible. This means less stress on you, a smoother process, and of course a complete dissertation in as little time as possible.

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Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas for their dissertation. Many use work-based experiences and/or career aspirations to form the basis for their dissertation. Students submit a dissertation proposal using a structured application form to frame their ideas and methodology. They then receive written feedback from three dissertation tutors. This process is intended to ensure that the student’s ideas have the potential to meet the requirements for the dissertation, within the time permitted and the resources available to the student. Once students have a satisfactory proposal for their dissertation, they are put in touch with a supervisor to support the remainder of their work. Most supervisors are based within the University of Manchester. Senior academics are self-selected for this role, to match them with the student’s dissertation topic and the selected dissertation model. All supervisors are invited to training sessions and/or are sent written guidance. They also have access to the same learning and support materials as the student. Supervisors can seek additional support at an individual level from the course dissertation lead (RAH). As a guide, supervisors are expected to provide around 16-20 hours of supervisory support in total, over the academic year. This includes responding to student queries, giving feedback on their written work, and providing general guidance, information, and support. In the initial stage, supervisors are encouraged to provide an introductory email to their student, and to agree mutually acceptable methods for communication (e.g., email, telephone, Skype, Google+). Similarly, in the initial stages, students are encouraged to introduce themselves to their supervisor and to identify any immediate or potential future learning needs. The whole process is monitored by the course dissertation lead (RAH), who can also respond to individual queries and further support needs from students and their supervisor.

Allocation of dissertation tutors: February 29, 2016.

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Please note that we are still updating this section of our site, but that we do have tutors throughout the U.S.A ready to work with you at any time. Almost all of our students work virtually with our tutors via telephone or video-chat, but if you are in need of a tutor in a specific location just and we’ll do our best to connect you with a dissertation tutor who can meet with you face-to-face.