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Is my dissertation topic interesting to me?

GSAS is starting a community-wide discussion on the subject of how to pick a dissertation topic. Share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter (#dissertation), and look for advice from faculty and deans in the next GSAS Bulletin. How do you home in on a topic that will prove engaging and fruitful, while avoiding dead ends? How do you know that what fascinates you today will be fascinating three years from now? What roadblocks did you encounter, and what surprises?

Is my dissertation topic manageable?

Is my dissertation topic based on work in which I have a solid background?

The library is another place that students can use to compile a list of great dissertation topic ideas from an experienced writer. Most libraries have vast collections of academic articles written by experienced authors. Libraries are also equipped with automated systems designed to make your search easier. Simply typing the name of an experienced writer in the library’s search tool will generate several literary works by the author. You can then locate the shelves where these books or articles are stored and scheme through the titles to find some great dissertation topic ideas by the author.