The dissertation title page should look like the example at right.

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While creating a dissertation title page, you need to follow these simple steps:

Writing a dissertation title page is important to you in the sense that it is through your title page that you get to convince the reader that you know what you are doing. Most students who fail their dissertations will normally not know how to write the title page, or at least start making mistakes from the first page onwards. If you happen to have struggled with writing your title page, there is more than enough support for you online that you can use, and you will certainly be in a good position to write a good one henceforth.

Dissertation Title Page | Title Page Of Dissertation

You need to ensure that the reader has no difficulty in reading your dissertation title page.

Understudies need to compose a paper before they can finish their studies and this is something that you cannot run away from, particularly for those who are in college. The possibility of composing a dissertation may be overwhelming, but in the event that you know where to start, you should be good to go. The first thing that you need to know about in as far as writing the dissertation title page is concerned is where to find samples. The following are some places where you can find some really good samples to use:

Please note that there is a new dissertation title page template. This template was created in MS Word 2010, but is compatible with older versions of Word and Word for Mac. Although the drop-down lists built into the template are not available to Mac users, typing your information in the appropriate fields will ensure correct formatting.
In addition to the publisher's title sheet, the dissertation title page can also be bound with the copies. If this is not possible, place the dissertation title page as a loose leaf in the three copies to be submitted to the University Library