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Gathering resource materials. The next part of the dissertation timetable is the acquisition of materials for research. If you are not planning to do experimental designs, then you need to gather as much sources of data as you can. This way, you will not be worrying about the results of your research paper whether they are credible or not. Identify the sources of materials form internet sites to libraries.


It's time. You can't ignore the matter any longer. It's here. Dissertation time! Take your head out of the sand because you need to start thinking. You need to know what topic to pick. You need to know what questions you're going to ask and what conclusions you could hope to achieve within that topic, and you need to make the title catchy too! It may seem like a tall task, but hey- who said a postgraduate dissertation was supposed to be easy? With hard work, organization, original thinking and well written and proofed work, you can't go wrong. Just take things step by step.

Because it's that time of year again – dissertation time

Zuckerman and Brucker also said that excessive dissertation writing time remains a problem, regardless of the new data.

When scheduling your dissertation time, think about when, where and how you work best. By giving some thought to these details, you can ensure that the hours you schedule for dissertation work are productive.