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A thesis or a dissertation is the outcome of a substantial effort. Its content and style will reflect on you, faculty members who have guided your work, and on the University of Washington. Learn more about completing your

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An essential reference tool when writing a dissertation or thesis is a department-approved professional style manual. You must consult a style manual recognized by a professional society in your field.

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Frequently Asked Questions about submitting or binding dissertations and theses.Is your question not answered below? Contact us at:

: You must indicate your intent to submit your dissertation or thesis by registering your work with the DTO. .

: Only properly formatted dissertations/theses (see below for guidelines and templates) with approval of all committee members will be accepted for review. Plan ahead. . .

: Once the DTO has received your registration information and approval from your chair and committee, you will be notified by email that a personal review folio has been created for you in Blackboard. You will then need to upload your approved dissertation or thesis to that folio to commence review.