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Some students will prepare traditional book-style dissertations while others may prepare manuscript-style dissertations. Dissertation style should be discussed by the student, advisor, and committee early in the program of study. All committee members must agree to the style prior to dissertation preparation. All committee agreements related to the dissertation style must be documented.

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One of the reasons why dissertation styles are there is to create uniformity amongst the written work and to maintain a certain level of discipline among academics. These styles also make the task of the one who is grading your paper more easy and allow him/her to navigate through the paper easily, which may also alter the outcome of your grades at a considerable level.

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The dissertation is probably the most important, and often the most stress-inducing document of your graduate career. Obtaining assistance with dissertation style and formatting allows you to concentrate on the conceptual issues that excited your interest in the field from the beginning, and will improve the overall quality of your project in the end.

Why do dissertation styles matter? Simple, a lengthy academic piece of work like a dissertation can be very exhausting to deal with. What further complicates it is the inclusion of unwanted bulks of text that are written just to achieve the required word count. This along with the unwanted creativity in argumentation styles, font of the text and other similar minor variations may cause the reader to get irritated and is of course evidence of disorder and the lack of uniformity.One of the reasons why a certain institution adopts a specific dissertation style is to maintain regularity in the characteristics that are common i every dissertation. For instance, writing format, format of title, format of referencing, format of citing some one’s work, etc. By doing this the institution limits the creativity to the dissertation topic and the . As a result you get creativity in thoughts and ideas but not the presentation of these thoughts and ideas.It is important to be familiar with the aspects of a under consideration when talking about dissertation styles. What the general perception is that dissertation styles include only the writing format of the dissertation. However, this is not the case. When we talk about dissertation styles we are taking the following characteristics into consideration: