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All research students must submit a Dissertation Schedule at the end of their second year. This should be a single document, usually between 2000 and 4000 words.

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In today’s busy world, the clock seems to be our only master. Though we try our best to fall in line with schedules, deadlines and other such regulations, it is certainly difficult to work on a dissertation at any level. In order to make dissertation writing a non-cumbersome job, it is a good idea to follow a strict schedule. A good dissertation schedule is based on the format and content of each dissertation.

This is a sample dissertation schedule

Dissertation Schedule

However, I must admit that these ideas were not put to the test, and for a few reasons. First, the message I received from my immediate academic surroundings, though subtle, did not convey the usual enthusiasm I enjoyed. By no means was there any outright opposition to the ideas, but rather, they were viewed as a curiosity, an anecdote, a questionable addition that might or might not do any good. One of my mentors actually said, "that's a nice idea, Chaim, but now get on with your work." My enthusiasm over the new venues of knowledge was not shared, and since I constantly felt I was late anyhow in the dissertation schedule, and was anyhow ridden and anxious with my wrongdoing in regards to the proposal (as I mentioned above), it didn't take much to tame my creative enthusiasm. Secondly, I must admit there was also an apprehension on , stemming from the fact that I was going to introduce my ideas, in their entirety, still unbounded and "unsigned," to colleagues working in the exact same field. I wasn't too sure about that—would they reciprocate? Would they show openness to my initiative? Would they not call these ideas their own? I was ashamed by some of my thoughts, which reiterated some of the aforementioned ideas of "intellectual ownership" rather then resisted them. And shame, to be sure, did not revitalize my enthusiasm and creativity. []