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The final section of your dissertation research proposal is your conclusion. Here you will restate your research question and your own hypotheses. You should mention what the potential implications for theory and future research will be if you are correct as well as what the implications will be if you are wrong. You also should mention what the next steps should be in researching this topic. Finally, in the conclusion, you should make the case for why your dissertation is important.

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After the dissertation research proposal has been approved by a majority of the student's dissertation advisory committee, the student will participate in a "dissertation research proposal hearing" to be conducted by the medical physics faculty. At this hearing the faculty will determine the suitability of the proposed research topic for a Ph.D. dissertation in the program and will evaluate the extent to which the student is prepared to carry out the proposed research. After the hearing, the faculty will meet to either approve or disapprove the dissertation proposal.

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Before beginning dissertation research, the candidate must defend his/her proposal. The dissertation research proposal defense is a separate meeting, activity, and focus from the oral candidacy exam. It is specific to the proposed research study which will be the respective student’s dissertation research. Thus the defense questions and discussion specifically focus on the conceptualization and methods of the proposed study.