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The Dissertation Progress Report is due each May 1 for work done in the academic year just completed. Filling in the form is now an on-line process.

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The six month project, covering the period April to September, will be undertaken with an individual academic supervisor, working in association with one of the research groups of the School or at a collaborating industrial research laboratory (in which case it will be supervised jointly). In either case, the dissertation report should describe in full the work carried out.
Interim progress report is a milestone to check if the student is on-course to accomplishing the project objectives.

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Results of exam. You may either pass, pass with qualification, recess, or fail the examination. The most common result is to pass with qualification, which means that you will be required to make some revisions to your dissertation report and/or strengthen some limited subject matter area(s). Recess means that a second and final oral examination may be formally scheduled no sooner than one month after the recessed examination. Fail means that the degree program is terminated.