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Jobs in various professional settings for psychologists have become increasingly competitive due to economic factors and cutbacks in budgets in both government and private sectors. With this concern in mind, it becomes more important to facilitate the professional development of graduate students and to encourage them to publish the results of their scholarly and research activities. The APA guidelines above for dissertation publication are relatively clear, but the guidelines for research projects prior to the dissertation are not. In general, it is advisable to facilitate first authorship for graduate student research and scholarly projects prior to the dissertation in order to encourage professional development of graduate students and the likelihood of obtaining positions in professional settings. As in all departmental situations, when questions arise, students and faculty members may go to the area head, graduate director, or department chair for guidance. The issue of authorship should involve an ongoing conversation and joint decision-making among faculty, students, and any other individuals who are collaborating on a research project, beginning before work commences and continuing until the manuscript is officially accepted. This allows for all potential authors to know exactly what their expected contributions to the project will be and helps forestall misunderstandings regarding obligations and credit. Students especially should know what sorts of contributions are required for obtaining first-authorship status. The following contributions to the research process are among those that should be considered when assigning authorship credit and order. This list is not all-inclusive, but provides key elements of conducting research that may warrant authorship credit.

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Review the Dissertation Publication and Submission procedures at least 2 months in advance by going to the websiteand clicking on the links concerning Electronic Thesis and Dissertations, Dissertation Defense Dates, Doctoral Hooding Ceremony and Doctoral Completion Survey links. You should paln ahead for the Electronic Thesis and Dissertations and other processes by registering in advance and attending workshops. Information on these sites will include:General guidelines for preparing and submitting your dissertation;Instructions for converting your dissertation to PDF. Publicationrequirement: Instructions for submitting your dissertation; Copyrightoption; Degree requirements to be submitted to the University of Kansas;Title page format; Title page format to copyright; and Acceptance pageformat.