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Making a good impression on your tutor (so he will accept the proposal you botched together last night) and keeping him happy throughout the process is vital for your success. That's why we made sure that Tom's Planner great for sharing, online or offline. Show him the research project timeline you created in Tom's Planner (watch him get blown away), keep him informed in real time on your progress, wherever you are, or export the schedule to the desired format in case of personal consults. Schedule your dissertation project the easy way: with Tom's Planner. Be sure to check out as well, where you'll find lots more useful tips and tricks about writing and scheduling dissertations.

 about how to start your dissertation project due to lack of finding any viable dissertation topic?

How does this exercise enable you to select a dissertation project? If you anticipate 20 alternative outcomes of a project, only one of which is likely to make you competitive for jobs, then you have not, in my opinion, identified a good dissertation project. It does not matter how exciting and revolutionary that one outcome might be. Do you really want to gamble your chance at a career on the possibility that your research will proceed along a single path?

Written dissertation project (80% of final grade).

that you don't know which Dissertation Methodology should be used in your dissertation project?

The CGS Future of the PhD Dissertation project will bring scholarly presses, libraries, students, and graduate deans together to consider how the dissertation might change in the next 20 years. Follow #DissFwd Twitter to engage in CGS-led discussions about the future of the doctoral dissertation, now through February 2016.

Dissertation Project Guidelines That Will Trigger You to Start Working for Your Dissertation Research Project within No Less Than 15 Minutes of This Dissertation Project’s Page Analysis. A dissertation methodology is a chapter of dissertation project that actually situates the research study in a methodological tradition. The purpose of writing a dissertation methodology section is to provide a rationale for approach of the research study, describe research setting and sample with data collection & analysis methods. This page will teach you how to structure and write a dissertation methodology like a PhD expert.