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The informal progress report should be in the form of a weekly memo that tells your instructor what progress your. Dissertation Progress Report Tim Schoenharl Notre Dame CSE February 27, 2007 Tim Schoenharl (Notre writing progress report Dame CSE) Dissertation Progress Report February 27, 2007 1 / 24. Titanic on the night of its sinking Progress reports inform management about the status of the project. IEP Progress Report


The written prospectus will follow the format of a NIH or NSF postdoctoral fellowship application. The thesis prospectus meeting will determine the student’s ability to conceive, design, and conduct the proposed research project. After completion of the Thesis Prospectus meeting, the outcome of the meeting must be recorded on the Dissertation Progress Report form and the completed form submitted to the Graduate Program Administrator for filing with the student’s permanent record. Additionally for NJIT matriculated students, a PhD Proposal Defense Report must be completed; the signed original is returned to the NJIT Office of Graduate Studies and a copy is submitted to the Graduate Program Administrator.


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