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Since dissertation plagiarism stems from a student using the work of someone else in his or her dissertation, it therefore violates the very purpose of the work. While someone may present the ideas of another person in his or her dissertation, to present traditional or opposing views for example, these must be cited properly. This means that the person whose work is being used is named and the dissertation demonstrates that these ideas are coming from another person. Dissertation plagiarism usually arises when the work is not properly cited, or when the writer of a dissertation takes credit for the content that stems from another source.

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In Russia pervasive corruption is taken for granted, one tends to be amused rather than shocked by exposure of dissertation plagiarism

Regardless of what type of dissertation plagiarism a student commits, the result is often severe punishment by the school. Inadvertent plagiarism may merely result in the rejection of a dissertation and the student may need to revise and rewrite the dissertation. If a student is found to have purposely committed plagiarism, however, then he or she might be expelled from the school and may have difficulty finding acceptance at another university.