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A dissertation literature review example will be offered to help you with your progress as well. Viewing actual samples can help with dissertation literature review outline progress in numerous ways. First it can provide you with a keen sense of what should and should not be included in a dissertation review outline. Second, it allows you to see how the formatting of a dissertation review outline can help you with organization and the flow of writing needed to secure a successful paper.

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The real key to an effective dissertation outline is breaking down each major section into smaller, more detailed sections in order to organize and state one's thoughts prior to writing the actual dissertation. A methodology section, for instance, might be broken down into the following components, listed here in actual outline form:

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Dissertation outline

This dissertation is a study of US foreign policy that aims at maintaining its regional hegemonic status and preventing the emergence of another regional hegemon by implementing the offshore balancing strategy. US intervention during the 2003 Iraq War, strained US-Iran relationship, and the establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in early 2014 compel a reevaluation of US foreign policy. Two major claims of this dissertation include: (1) US foreign policy is consistent with offensive realist theoretical claims; and (2) US foreign policy is characterized by continuity when it comes to issues related to America's strategic interests. Utilizing a case study and comparative case study methodology, this dissertation outlines the following findings.