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Research sample was determined by purposive sampling method. This study's research sample is consisted of 32 educational sciences doctoral dissertation on leadership which have been being on YOK (Higher Education Board) database between the years of 1987-2014 in Turkey. You can see research sample descriptive analysis in Table 3.

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Steve Broe is a leadership coach and university professor who writes about people changing their lives at work.
He was born in Southern California, moving to Arizona in the early 1990s. He has two adult children and is joyously married to Carolyn, who he stole from the beach city of Newport Beach. He operated a family business for 30 years, and started a charter school organization in the mid-1990s.
Steve has practiced the martial art of Aikido, which taught him to appreciate balance and vitality in the way he works, moves and think. He has also been active in Toastmasters International, which values excellence in speaking, thinking and leading. He also is an amateur musician, playing the bass clarinet.
Steve’s first book, published by ProQuest in 2009, was an academic dissertation on leadership and examined how US military veterans see the leadership challenges in schools. In 2012, Steve published Leaders in Transition, which asks the question “How do people change careers and become a leader in the process?”
Steve Broe teaches organizational behavior and leadership with the University of Phoenix and Grand Canyon University. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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