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Adrian Thomas first visited Sudan in 1968 on his way home from a VSO teaching assignment in Tanzania. Ten years later he wrote a dissertation on education in Southern Sudan, whilst studying at the University of London Institute of Education. In 1991 he went to Khartoum as Director of the British Council, and spent four memorable years there. His other main involvement with Sudan now is as a trustee of the charity Together for Sudan.

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Lehrer was also a true prodigy. He raced through Horace Mann, a private high school in the Bronx, and graduated from Loomis Chaffee, a Connecticut prep school, in 1943. It was at Loomis that he wrote his “Dissertation on Education,” the poem he used to apply to college. Its last stanza:

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Jean J. Schensul, an interdisciplinary medical/educational anthropologist, is Senior Scientist and Founding Director at the Institute for Community Research, Hartford, CT, founded and named in 1987. Born a Canadian, she completed her B.A. in archeology at the University of Manitoba, , and her MA and PhD at the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation on education and development in central Mexico, “Educacion para el Futuro y el Futuro de Educacion” was published by the Mexican Government. Dr. Schensul has devoted her career to the uses of anthropology to address social injustices and inequities. A vision of social justice in which the tools of social critique and social inquiry are equally distributed and applied to personal and social transformation drives her work as an anthropologist and organizational innovator. She believes that creating socially and intellectually open community and organizational spaces and activities that bridge and transcend cultural, ethnic and class boundaries are the foundation for learning environments that allow people with different approaches and styles to enjoy exploration and the excitement of participating freely in transformative social and cultural innovations in democratic societies.