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You actually started your career as an illustrator after studying Fine Art. Who were your biggest influences in the Art World?
I really connected to what the YBAs were doing at that time. I loved the rebellious showmanship almost anti-art attitude they had, but all the while brand that and selling it back to art! I paid a lot of attention to Tracey Emin, and actually got the meet her at the Oxford Union when she came to do a talk, we bonded and she invited me out for a bottle of wine, heartbreakingly I had to go back to work as I’d blagged an extended lunch break to go watch her talk!

How did you make the transition from Illustrator to stylist? And who or what influences your styling work?
Style and illustration for me during my uni days went hand in hand. My artwork was always costume based and I did my dissertation on branding, so style, performing, art and business have always been my main interests. I knew that the career of an illustrator was not for me, as I love people and interacting and communicating. When I moved to london I didn’t have a plan but to put myself outthere and get as much work experience as possible. During that time I sold my artwork, I worked as a publishers PA, I worked in tv production but it was the fashion assisting that took off. I think because I had such a natural sense of style, people presumed I was a stylist!

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Early in the summer, Josh Dinsman of Notre Dame, a PhD student working on his dissertation on branding cities, came to Houston for a short research visit. He interviewed many key people here on perceptions of Houston, and kindly summarized his findings in an email to me. He authorized me to share those findings with you, and I'd love to hear your reactions in the comments:

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