Dissertation Methodology Chapter Introduction

It is important to know that the methodology must identify fit methods and experiments according to the research topic. Researchers must also indicate challenges expected when trying to achieve these goals. To feature all things, it is advisable that a writer gives general introduction for the dissertation methodology chapter. This part helps those interested in reading all or just a few of the methods outlined latter in the chapter, and used in the research.

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The Research methodology is not only a necessary part of a dissertation but it is also required to include in the dissertation proposal and if the dissertation proposal is approved it means that you have selected an appropriate research methodology for your dissertation. only describe the research methods you have selected but also defend it with arguments as how it best suits your research purpose and why you have selected qualitative or quantitative approach. In fact students show their knowledge on data collection, sampling and analysis techniques including surveys, interviews, ANOVA, SPSS, Hyper works etc through their dissertation Methodology chapter.

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The dissertation methodology chapter in experimental studies is supposed to begin with a paragraph that reiterates the purpose of the study. In general, when you are writing your dissertation methodology chapter you will be supposed to cover all the subjects below, but some institutions may require mild modifications but all of these parts that follow should be covered;