Dissertation Haiku | Your dissertation. As a single haiku.

FABULOUS & USEFUL PRIZES: One grand prize winner will receive a 30-minute dissertation coaching session, a featured spot for their haiku on Ask The Dissertation Diva, and bragging rights! All haiku worthy of their seventeen syllables will appear on Ask The Dissertation Diva. Send us your dissertation haiku even if you don't want the prizes, because we want you to get creative and WRITE something, even if it's 17 syllables.

Announcing... the 1st annual Dissertation Diva DISSERTATION HAIKU CONTEST!

Steen originally designed Dissertation Haiku as a creative outlet for graduate students who feel frustrated that their dissertations, which represent anywhere from four to seven years of work, will be scrutinized by a five-person dissertation review committee and will probably never be read by anyone else. On the site, grad students can present their abstruse research in a way that’s interesting to people outside their field. Steen says on his site, “Dissertations are long and boring. By contrast, everybody likes haiku. So why not write your dissertation as a haiku?”

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Announcing... the 1st annual Dissertation Diva DISSERTATION HAIKU CONTEST!

Submit your haiku in an email to . Be sure to include your discipline, the name of your institution, a sentence or two in plain english about what you do, and any email address or link you’d like to associate with your name. We’re kinda picky about meter here at dissertation haiku, so please make sure your poem fits the 5-7-5 syllable pattern. Thanks!