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Warnings: (1) Dishonesty (e.g. plagiarism) will be handled according to University procedures, which can result in suspension and expulsion. UTA's graduate school on-line thesis and dissertation guideline document offers good examples of what constitutes plagiarism. (2) Professors can no longer drop students for excessive absences. Students who want to drop must follow University procedures. In this course for every five unexcused absences, the semester grade will drop by a half-letter grade.

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Dissertation (Total 10 credit hours: to be completed by one-two semester): All EMPH students will conduct a field research in their chosen public health field and will write a masters level dissertation. Planning for this work will be initiated during the elective period along with a faculty advisor. Fieldwork can be done in Bangladesh or in home country for international students. Synopsis of Research Topic must be approved by Dissertation committee of the EMPH programme before commencing the research work. A complete dissertation guideline is available in the department for the students.

Total credit hours: 51, Duration: 1 to 3 years Semesters: 3-9

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Students shall submit a dissertation prospectus (original hard copy) including the signature sheet to the Graduate Program Office by twenty-four months after passing the Ph.D. Qualifying examination. At this stage a student and his or her adviser are expected to define a dissertation topic and the student prepares a brief written proposal. The proposal is presented as a brief seminar to the dissertation committee and other interested members of the department. Once the proposal is approved and signed (in black ink) by the student's dissertation committee, deliver the original document to the Graduate Program Office. It will then be hand delivered to the Graduate School. The proposal should follow the dissertation guideline for format as required by the Graduate School. (See websites below.)