Dissertation Funding Opportunities

The CLA Grants Team occasionally offers a workshop for graduate students looking for dissertation funding. In this workshop, we cover the basics of finding funding, determining if a grant is right for you, preparing proposals, and overcoming budget and administrative hurdles. A copy of our presentation may be found .

  Provides dissertation funding for minority students studying anthropology.

Many dissertation funding competitions have deadlines that occur sometime between September and January, though a few programs have deadlines year-round. In order to write competitive applications, we encourage students to begin working on their proposals in the spring before the deadlines, and up to 18 months before they will need funds. This means that you may be writing a funding proposal that will require you to describe your research idea, its significance, and your approach before you have written your proposal for your committee.

Dissertation Funding - UW Political Science

When thinking about dissertation funding applications, ask yourself the following questions:

This article provided an overview of dissertation grants for doctoral students—who as future researchers and educators will be integral in expanding the knowledge base for social work practice. In doing so, it is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for how dissertation grants contribute to the career trajectories of doctoral students. The suggestions are intended to provide very general guidance, facilitate the development of feasible timelines, and highlight important decision points. Furthermore, owing to the numerous possibilities of dissertation funding sources and the revolving nature of available funds, this article is limited because not all potential sources of support are reviewed in detail. The student will have to supplement and adapt this information, preferably under the tutelage of an experienced social work faculty member. Finally, it is also important to note that dissertation grants should be regarded as a means to an end, with the ultimate goal of producing useful knowledge on important social problems and social work practice. There are many successful social work researchers who have made important contributions to the knowledge base without grant support. Nonetheless, the support afforded to students through dissertation grants can offer beneficial career opportunities and help advance a particularly important line of research.