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Dissertation for MBACauses of insolvencies in large businesses; a case study of General MotorsSubmitted in partial fulfilment for the approval of MBA...

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2013 dissertation for MBA in International Business. Selected by academic staff as a good example of a masters level dissertation. This study focuses on gentrification and the possible correlations with theeconomic and housing crises as well asthe economic activity and mortgage market structure of Fannie Mae and FreddieMac. The theories in this thesis are quantitative, and at times qualitative, andrelate to financial, cultural, and organizational theories in the real estatemarket. The research methodology is both positivist primary and secondary innature, and the two are used in union in order to attain a higher level ofknowledge of the topic, and show correlations with the aforementioned factorsand gentrification. The following sections, data analysis, conclusion andrecommendation use the collection of research in order to formulate a focusedand unbiased argument that shows a correlation of various factors togentrification. Finally, further research on the influences of Fannie Mae andFreddie Mac and their policies is recommended for future managers andacademics interested in gentrification.